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Because obviously right? You can’t have one of these things, do one of these blog adventure things without an obligatory introduction, right? Right.  Granted because this is a blog and a blog requires words, I could do the PR blurb thing. You know:


About the author:

Professional, right? Right.
Professional, right? Right.

Jade Brieanne is a Durham, North Carolina resident from Fayetteville, North Carolina. She attended North Carolina A&T State University under the Graphic Communications and Technological Studies program, as well as the Mass Communications program at Fayetteville State University. She is the cultural arts blogger on and a vlogger with ToySldrsTV and Jade, Please Youtube channel.

For additional information or a sample chapter, Contact: Ashley Wike (penname Jade Brieanne) at

Eh. Right off my press release. Boring, right? Right.

Or, I could go the right in your face approach. (I think its important for you to understand exactly WHO I am–organically, and very early.)

Or this….

Do you feel closer? I do. C’mere. It’s hug time.

But honestly, this whole blog here? It isn’t about me. There are things I want to explore and I want to explore them with you.  However, this is probably one of the small corners that I’ll get talk about myself unapologetically so here goes! *clears throat*.


  • Write (I am the author of The Halo of Amaris, an Urban Fiction Science Fiction rollercoaster. You can visit for more on the book and me as a writer)
  • Blog – Uh, here.
  • Vlog- Soon, my pretties Soon.
  • Design (on occasion)
  • Speak (on occasions –not like a dog but like formally at THINGS where people are happy to hear me NOT you know…speak like a dog)

Uh, yeah. That’s…that’s about it. We’ll wait for the third date to get a little more frisky, eh? Although, sometimes I pull myself together for a mean round of underwater basket weaving, shout miming, or epoxy glue wrangling, but that’s usually on Tuesdays. Something about Tuesdays. Maybe it’s the tacos? It’s the tacos.

Come back on Tuesdays. I’ll try to show you my best mime choreo. I might have tacos. Not sure yet.